Why I like Google Duo – The New Video Calling App

A review on Google Duo is here! I am excited to type it here!


We’ve been through a lot of video calling facilities. Many are popular, the most popular ones like Skype. The major problem that I have with Skype is forgetting password and username and the second is that there are hardly five of my contacts using it.

The Duo App

Duo is designed for an extremely easy person-to-person video calling. It’s a free download for both Android and iPhone users on their devices. I had no trouble installing the app on cell phone. Also none of those who uses this app can claim that Google didn’t achieve its goal of creating a video chat app that’s relentlessly, explicitly designed solely for phones.

A google vice president says:

“Duo audio calls work well on all connection speeds and won’t eat up your data.”

The interface is so simply to use and when you sign up for Duo, it just requires your phone number, that’s all! And Duo gets on your device.

I had a few calls to my friends and relatives. There was very less connection problem as compared with other video callers, pretty common with low internet bandwidth speed.

Knock – Knock makes it unique

One more thing that makes DUO special to use is that it has a new ‘Knock Knock’ feature which is an NEW and innovative idea in the field of video calling to the world. This allows the user to see the video of the caller before picking up the call. It is quite okay because we can actually be aware about Who’s calling, from where, what’s being done and a lot more answers being answered with picking up the call.

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