Wail Of War – Poem

Hey People! Here is a short poem on Wail of War by Me. I hope you will like it.

Told me they were feeling ravenous,

And Wanted to do something noxious

Coming out when Vega was at Zenith,

Its written by vampires, it’s not a myth.


Loved the black and the dark,

Hated the lights and the sparks

Most were killed by the thoughts

That human minds have like sunspots.


Not for gain, for pain we cried,

Not for guns, for health we died

Not for wealth, for fame we allied,

They left everyone, without any goodbyes.


Blood! They shouted, loud and fast

Peace! We loved, but in the last

After hundread explodes and bomb blasts

Hospitals alert, Government broadcasts.


He was with other men in war,

With glory and victory, he fought

Thunder skies which they meant for,

With his gun, he gave head shot.


Lord! They cry after the war,

Treaty and peace, they want now, after all

The world is a small place like an ore,

Extracted from guns and soon will be a postwar.


As soon as the darkness lashed on sky

I could see them from the place they spy,

No creature could ever verify

Noises around, cops shouting loud – standby!


Blood on roads, fights for war

Violence will set apart, future of us all,

It’s better to give up and not to ignore

The problems we will face and abhor.

By: Mudit Jhawar

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