The Violent World – Chapter 1

The Beginning – Chapter 1

The crawling creatures were coming out of the crack made on the broken road that was just in front of me. I was starving to the brim out and was completely tired. After walking a few miles on the same road on which I was standing, I found someone coming towards me, slowly and very slowly that made its sound almost impossible to hear.

My eyes saw him, not clearly but as much as that I could know whether it was a human or an animal or anything else. I thought to hide myself behind a tall and wide mango tree whose leaves were all dried due to …

The Violent World

I remembered my childhood days in which I played and completed the games that included Farcry series, call of duty 4 and Metro 2033 myself. I never thought to become a soldier but the things always changes and so it did with me. I found that the one I saw coming towards me was neither a human nor an animal, it was a shadow of the some vehicles coming towards me. I just had a sharp curved shining knife and some small stones with me that were currently useless. I don’t know whether these people could help me or just kill me with their armed guns. I continued spying on them. They came out of those vehicles… I could not remember their names.

They contained their leader whom around they all gathered. He ordered the guy standing on the top of a …. I could not remember even the name of that thing. He had a rifle and was looking like a perfect soldier made for guarding his area. I crouched down for more safety & also from those soldiers letting them to see me. They all discussed with each other for nearly ten minutes and then sat back in their respective vehicles and left the place. All left was a soldier with a sniper rifle. He was on the place that was high enough to only see the places far away, not those which are close to him and that was my chance to get on my first weapon.

I looked around and I found there was some water on the road as it contained many cracks on it. I thew some stones on my opposite direction and tried to distract the guard’s attention. After a few tries suddenly he heard the sound and shouted “Who the hell is there !!” I saw him coming down to look for who made and what this sound was. It was my chance to change the whole story and make it as mine.
There was a sound… something echoing : –
Go ! Go ! Go !

He came down and moved towards the small water crack on the road on which I threw stone to distract him. He slowly moved their and moved and continued to move. I slowly took out the knife and was ready to put on his neck and slice it hard through so he could die without any sound and I did it easily. I saw his gun that fallen down his hands when he was killed by me. I could identify his gun, it was a Dragunov with 30 bullets in it. I need to find a machine gun and a pistol so that I can take away rest all of them. I went up slowly where he was standing before. I searched for sometime and found a medical-kit.

Finally I could heal myself from the pain and soon released all of it. I took a long breath and sighed. There were also some empty bottles of vine but I also found 3 bottles of cold and pure water but as I was very thirsty I drank half of the first one in a tearing hurry and kept all in my tracking bag which I was wearing.

Also I found an advanced binoculars with the facilities to zoom in according to our choice and also a microphone that allows to hear the voice of the the particular thing that is visible through the sight of its lenses.

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Days of War

I was happy as I found these many things and this was my first aim which I completed successfully. I remembered the way in which the way it came written “Mission Passed !” in one of my all time favorite video game GTA. The same feeling came in my eyes and I can saw it written. I completed GTA Vice city, GTA Liberty City and also GTA San Andreas in my childhood when I was like 11 or 12 years old. I hope the things I learnt in them will help me get out of here. Although they were just video games, they do inspired me to learn how to use weapons.
I was still starving & wanted to smash up some food instantly but the water I drank let helped me for a short time relief. I reloaded my first gun and looked for the trees that contained something to eat for stop my damn hunger. I was standing on a good height and so I found some apple trees and rushed towards them. I plucked then and with the water I carried, I washed some of them and ate and my hunger came to a relief.

Also, with the axe and the match sticks I had, I decided to cut wood from the trees and create bonfire. I thought to use it as to protect myself from the wild animals that comes out during night.
On the next day, I woke up at 4:20 a.m. which contained my 3.5 hours sleep. I drank some water from the bottle that already had less water, I thew that and exercised bit and was ready to explore the other areas. I remembered that I had only 1 gun and that’s even a sniper !

According to the map I had, After 3 miles North – East there is an army camp. My plan is to stand by 0.350 miles away from them and firstly take down those who are standing on the top… If I still remain with ammo, I will shoot out the nearest one and will take up their guns and take away rest of all them. I ate 2 more apples and washed and kept 3 with me in my bag to use later.
As I walked away, I discovered many new things and also the whether was good that time. After walking nearly 2 miles, I found took out my advanced binoculars and looked out if anyone is here. Suddenly, I saw 3 or 4 of the enemies standing and discussing something. I remembered that I had a microphone attached with the binoculars I had. After a while, I heard different voices as they said, “I don’t know where is the key, maybe the doctor took away that. Now let me go.”
“Wait, I have already asked doctor if he took it with him. He said the key had been fallen on the ground as he was injecting the guard over there. I think we should go & find out. What the matter it is.”

“Alright, come with me. He you, ya you the guard over there, wait ya”
Then they both moved on near the place where a guard was standing whom to they recently shouted at. I put down my binoculars & took out the heavy shining Dragunov. I walked more about 600 meters and crouched down behind tree and took out and aimed for the one who is standing on the top most. He was not looking at the direction where I was standing me and so I was more confident. Although, as the gun was Dragunov which is a well known sniper, it was not easy to fire through as it doesn’t stay constant. I inhaled oxygen and then aimed and had a shot on his head without exhaling.
I exclaimed to myself, “That’s called a head shot!” and then searched for more. I took out 3 more easily and moved a little more forward. I jumped back because a guy with a machine gun saw me clearly. I crawled down and moved 20 meters west, I seek to him and he was clever enough so he began shooting the same moment, a bullet just passed by me. To let that freak out, I gotta do something to clear my way as soon as I can.

I was actually never been someone like a soldier but this time, I’m doing it for my family I loved, my partners and especially for the girl I loved most. They all will be in danger if I give up. But If I continue, I need to find something incredible that can make all things come up together as soon as it can.
So that guy, yes the one with the machine gun that contained almost infinite ammo. “But how the hell I take him out ?” I asked myself. I suddenly saw some more freaks coming towards me. I moved more back and back. I wanted to let them come near and so I can take their ammo and after receiving that, I will go for the one near machine gun. Doing that wasn’t as easy as it is to tell… The Dragunov I had was made for taking out the one who is far away. They all shouted in one voice, “We saw you, don’t try to move.” They seemed stupid because I was their to destroy and kill everyone, obviously, I will move to hide. Well, I took them all down I used 8 bullets for that as 2 or 3 didn’t actually took place on the target. I sprinted and took up their guns. I found a machine gun it had like 179 bullets and after taking out ammo from the guns of all others, my SMG had then full ammo that was 300.

I took out the machine gun idiot but he took out the whole health of my armor. “Fuck your ass” I cried. And picked up the machine gun and started to shoot at that ass. Then more came then more and more… But Machine gun made them all die.. “Haha, this is me, anyone of you left any one.. Or I’ll have to do more bullshit?” I shouted aloud. The boat was there as the deal. The boat also contained the map and let me drove to New York. I already had thrown down my weapons in the sea to avoid any problems with the cops. I just wanna go home an finish this bullshit right here right now. Revenge completes here and now I’m gonna be a normal guy, completely normal not actually like what I’m right now.

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