The Explorer of Darkness – Explore The Travelling

An adept who loved to explore,
Lots of treasures he galore
Sometimes sea and sometimes brains,
Determined and never stopped land claims

He went through every sea and lake,
Finding new paths, avoiding mistakes
Tracing new maps, drawing new routes,
Kind and Fearful who could solve disputes

When he used to set to sail,
In his ships of thy molten dreams
Crow was there, they used to vail
And the captain gets inspiration ahead

Danced and were all happy felt surprised,
Such a victory they compiled
Made a history – got glorified
That victorious feeling, they had before they died…

Skies got covered, winds gained warmth
Tides were high and full of flow
Soon came the night, full of moon light
It wasn’t late when – the ship sank, and everything was out of sight!

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