The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time – Book Review

Title: The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time
Author:  Mark Haddon
Publisher: David Fickling Books
Total Pages: 272
Price: £7.99
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Front Cover of My Edition

This super murder mystery novel was written by and published in the month of May, 2003. This book won the Whitbread Book Awards for Best Novel and Book of the Year, the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book, and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. The book is dedicated to Sos Eltis, Haddon’s wife, with thanks to Kathryn Heyman, Clare Alexander, Kate Shaw and Dave Cohen.

Main Characters in this novel:

  • Christopher John Francis Boone

Christopher is the main character of this novel. Fifteen-year-old Christopher has a photographic memory. He understands math and science well. He loves to study about the universe. He doesn’t talk to strangers, don’t like being touched, not noticing if people are angry with him and he groaning when he is frustrated or angry.

  • Siobhan

The character of Siobhan was of Christopher’s paraprofessional and mentor at school. She teaches him how society works and how to behave within its complex guidelines.

She wore specs and is often described to teach and hang out with Christopher.

  • Christopher’s parents – Ed and Judy

He lived with his dad and his mother was dead, as per what he knew before the twist in the story began. His father loved him and cared for him, but when his son finds out that his father has committed a crime, the other description for his father gets to be noticed.

  • Roger and Eileen shears

They were Christopher’s neighbors. Mrs. Shears lived alone in the house that was two next to the opposite lane on the street they lived who attempts to console Ed for a time after Christopher learns of his mother’s death. Mr. Shears lived with his mother. (you might get confused here, don’t mind, just keep reading and It would get clear.)

  • Mrs. Alexander

An old lady, who is one of Christopher’s neighbors, who offers information to help Christopher’s investigation regarding his parents and Mr. and Mrs. Shears.

I went through the first reading of this novel, around three years ago, when I got this book for the first time. Since then, I’ve read it more than five times and still like to pop up a random chapter and go through it.

The Novel

It is a novel, written mostly in simple English with real life situations and incidences.

The novel, as per the name might suggest, belongs to the genre of mystery and adventure.

In the edition that I have, the actual story part is of 268 pages with four additional appendix pages making this book of 272 pages.

One thing that I found interesting is that the book uses prime numbers to number the chapters, rather than the conventional successive numbers. The reason that Christopher gave behind this is because he likes prime numbers. In the chapter 19, he even gave the method on finding the prime numbers.

My favorite character was Siobhan. She helped Christopher in lots of different ways and was one whom Christopher didn’t have any fear to share any information. She also helped him by teaches him how society works, which Christopher really lacked the knowledge about.

The part in liked most was chapter 179 in which Christopher find out the letters from his dad’s room and the secret about his mother gets revealed. It was amusing and increased my heartbeat for a while.

More about the Book

I would say a big yes on the fact that the story kept me guessing and in the suspense on what would happen next.

The book often made me sad as Christopher didn’t got the opportunity and the permission from his father to write the novel. He had to face difficult conditions and met with strangers on his way to escape from this father. It just goes in a way that the reader would stay in suspense and keep going up with the content of the story.

The story ends with Ed, the father of Christopher, getting Christopher a Golden Retriever puppy, whom Christopher gets to name, and promising that he will rebuild trust with Christopher slowly, “no matter how long it takes”.

Christopher asserts that he will take further A-level exams and attend university. He completes his first mathematics A-level with top grades despite having eaten and slept very little. Earlier in the story he talks about wanting to become an astronaut, but at the end he declares that his goal is to become a scientist.

The Ending

Christopher gets optimistic about his future, having solved the mystery of the murdered dog, gone to London on his own, found his mother, written a book about his adventures, and achieved an A* in his A-level math exam.

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  1. Nice review! I like the character of Christopher the most. He’s so different – so unique. looking forward to read this book soon!

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