Space Agency – A Space Game Review

This is a review of Space Agency – a gaming app for android and IOs users.

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Game Name: Space Agency
Game Size: 35 MB
Game Cost: FREE with in app purchases
Current Rating (Play Store): 4.3/5
Available On: Android Smart Phones
In app purchases? Yes

Intro to the game of Space Agency

Space Agency is simply the best space adventure and exploration game available android mobile phones for free. It’s surely a gem for astronomy lovers.

Space Agency is mainly all about designing your rockets and flying them. Once you have come up with a good design, launch your rocket and get it into orbit.

When I played this game for the first time, I was shocked to know that such games do exist in the mart! I played the tutorial for this game first, which was very clear and easy to understand and they also had demo videos.

The Career mode drives through different types of missions and unlocks new rocket building parts and components.

What is the best in Space Agency?

The part I love the most is the Sandbox mode, which allows to send everything in space by rockets for free and we can build space stations, launch satellites on different areas and planets and explore the space.

I currently have a huge space station with 45 different structures in one of my sandbox.

The best feature of this game is that it is completely ad free and the size of this app is very relevant. The Nooleus team has surely done a great job!

I told many of my friends about this game and they loved playing this too.

Some Changes

Although being a really great game, I wish there were a few more features such as:

  • Instead of virtual green, red, purple planets, there could be the real planets of the solar system, to make it more realistic.
  • The shall be some astronauts staying and requesting for food, oxygen and other needs in the space stations.
  • More types of rockets and flags of different nations on the modules and boosters.

         Space Agency Game Screenshots

    Here are some game screenshot by me:

My Photoh rocket 4.26 km above in the atmosphere
The Four Modes of the game present on the main screen. Tutorials, Quick Play, Sandboxes and Career. More contains other games by Nooleus and on the top right of the screen there is a settings button.
The Tutorial Mission for learning how to play.
This is a screen clip of the Career Menu.

Missions in the game which to be completed are represented with the color blue. Missions with Best Response in time and budget and presented in gold then if more budget and time is utilizaed in a completed mission, it gets covered in silver and finally bronze medals for the most expensive and most time long missions, are awarded.

A screen shot of the missions section in the Quick Play. You can play these any time but they are always fixed in number – 6 and every thing is ready to be launched. In this menu, we cannot earn any kind of medals. This is like JUST FOR FUN section of this game, to be played the best when you are bored as hell.

That’s all I can say for this game.
If you want, can download the game on android device here: (link to Google Play Store)

Have you played this game? Tell me your views about it in the comments section below.                       

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