POP diary – App Review

Introduction to the App

Name: POP Diary – diary, journal
Category: Productivity
Available For: Android, IOS
Size: 16.65 MB
Offered By: enex
Google Play Link:



Requires Android 4.0 and up. Permissions for Identity, Contacts, Photos/Media/Files, Storage and other basic permissions.

How does it works?

Pop Diary is an application that helps you to beautifully write your dairy or memories. Users can create diary entries of any day, as many entries as they want. They can attach up to five different photos in one diary post.

Every post can be further categorized into a given category and you can also create your own catrgories.

Why should you have it?

Diary is a personal record of writing down emotions and feelings. POP diary satisfies all the needs a diary should have. It is well secured and has all the features one who wants a diary or journal app looks for.

What I like the most in this app?

I have been through many diary and journal apps to find one that suits all the functions I need. This app has everything that I always have wanted! The things I looked for were:

  • Neat and Clean Design
  • No Advertisements
  • No in-app purchases or premium versions
  • Category to arrange the posts
  • Time and weather settings
  • Ability of adding photos
  • Ability to back up the data
  • Well Secured Application

POP diary has each of the above things and thus it felt me worthy of using it. It also has a monthly photo layout section where there are all the diary posts with photos to surf around the memories, just like a tiny photo album.

Another such thing it the Photo Diary which makes the app more interesting to use. Photo diary is an animated catalog of the diary entries with photos that you have made.

It also never gives you any annoying notifications about the updates or simply telling you to write a diary entry.

How its design looks?

The app has a clean design that ensures quick navigation. The tools are simple but well effective. Users can swipe to the right to open a side bar that has the functions to Write Diary, Category, Monthly list, Settings and more options to make sure the user can enjoy using the app.

On the top of the sidebar there is a profile pic with a backdrop of your preferred choices and can be customized anytime. There is also a search option that lets you search for any text you remember in the post you made, even if it is years old. It can give you the results within a second.

The app allows the users to choose their preferred theme color and font size too.


The App Sidebar

The Writing Part

The Writing Part is the most important part of the app. In this section the user makes a diary entry and customizes it further with the given choices and functions like weather, date and time.

Time Selection

Even if it is 30th of December, 2016 and you made a diary entry of the past year on the same date, you can change the date and time as per you like and add or change its category.

Date Selection
Weather Selection

If you can’t decide for now, just leave it as unclassified and edit it whenever you want to. While writing an entry, you can also click on the star on the top left to mark it as a favorite entry. If you want to change the background color of a certain post, the app allows you to do so.

 Writing SEction
The Writing Section

Security and Backup

Lock screen of the app

On switching to the setting sections, there are important functions like Security Settings, Sync with Google Drive, Instructions on how to use the app and other general settings.

The Security makes your diary protected by adding a four-digit number pin to lock it. The diary also goes through a sync process with your google account to make sure the content is back up and is always safe, in case you lose the application.
Hence the app is protected and secured so that you can have a complete privacy control over it. Whenever you switch on the app, it would ask for password regardless of time or any kind of tricks on it.

What does it miss?

The app doesn’t let you:

  • Add videos in the posts
  • Create multiple diaries, so that you can further divide content
  • Limited number of Icons and Colors for a category

There were a few points that the app can have but it doesn’t have it yet.

How much would I rate it?

As per going through the design, functions and other aspects of the app, it is rated 4.8 out of 5 by me. I would also definitely recommend you to try this as the app is free and easy to use.

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