ISS Detector Pro – Detect The International Space Station – App Review

Hey Awesome Readers! This is a post on ISS Detector Pro, an application used to detect the International Space Station.

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Title: ISS Detector Pro
Type: Application
Category: Education
Price: US $1.49
Available For: Android, IOS
Required Android: 2.3.3 and Up
App Size: 4.64 MB


ISS Detector Pro is  developed by RunaR and has reached over 10 thousand downloads with a brilliant rating of 4.8.

ISS is an abbreviation for International Space Station and this app allows users to watch the ISS as it flies by your location. All you need to watch it is this app and a clear sky over your location.
If you want to try it for free, go ahead and install the free version first.

If you like the concept, then you’d surely get the pro version too.You can mark down the timing in your calendar and the app will remind of that time as a notification to watch it.

In the Pro version, i.e. this application you also get to see the timing and track the planets like Venus and Mars in the sky and there are no advertisements.

Also, please note that I have not been paid or promoted to review this application. I am doing it juts because I found it to be very interesting. 

See the image below. It is one of the notification I get when a planet or more are visible. I generally get this during evening.

You get to know the very new concepts and learn a lot about the celestial objects that admires the whole night sky. If you wake up early in the morning, you will find a lot more, like the planet Jupiter which is on the sight at around 3 – 5 am.

How can ISS Detector help you?

ISS detector can help you learn about Space and the beautiful night sky. It can create awareness and bit of new habits or hobbies that you can enjoy.

The app is in a simple theme so that everyone can easily understand the features. When I used this app, it didn’t take me much time to get through everything. Also, I was excited as the day when I downloaded and installed It, ISS was on sight that evening. So, I got further more interested in it.

The following is a screenshot of the app, describing about Mars observation details. Yes, it looks very professional during the use as well.

If there is no sight of ISS on your location in this app, don’t worry. It circles the globe every hour and it would come at your location too at a certain time. You may scroll down and check when it would. Sometimes it may even take more than 10 days to appear and other times it appears for everyday in a week. This is due to its orbital movement in space.

What Else You can Do with ISS Detector?

I brought this app as I loved the free version. In the free one, there was just about the ISS and some regular satellites and flares across the sky. But in this pro version I can even trace meteors and find out a lot more information about them.

There are also a lot more options and features throughout ISS Detector app, such as the night mode option which makes the screen text reddish and brighter, so that it is easier to read and observe in dark environments.

The image at the left is a screenshot taken by me at evening. I was testing the night mode at that time.

You can also use in in built compass to see in which direction a particular object is visible. It is like an object tracker that works if your phone supports that. It is present if if your phone doesn’t support that functionality, you still have a compass but it won’t move along with your phone or make you point at the object.

Filter The Data

There is also a Filter option in ISS Detector where you can choose between the things and allows only the selected objects to appear on your device. It can help you a lot by reducing the number of unwanted things.

See the following screen activity which has check boxes to makes sure the user gets a filtered experience.

Navigation and Interface of ISS Detector

In a similar way, you can also select the planets and objects like the Sun or Moon to weather appear on your compass or not. I usually un-check  the Uranus and Neptune options as they are not visible from the naked eye observation from our planet.

ISS Detector has a user-friendly interface with an easy navigation route for users.

The following image is of the full sky observation one can see just by looking at the screen. This also describes about the movement and time duration of objects in the sky.

So if you feel like searching for some planets and meteors or watching the great Space stations or satellites fly over, Install this app now, at least the free version.

I can insist you to but the pro version if you really like observing the sky. Else, for others who keep as a little interest can do enough with the free one.

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