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This is an app review by Mudit Jhawar of Databack Application.

The App as what it looks on play store



Updated: The app has reached over ten million downloads with a 4.3 star rating on the Google play store (as of Dec 26th

Previous: The Previous record of Dec 26th, 2016 was 3.3 star rating with five millions downloads. 

Title: DataBack
Type: Application
Category: Lifestyle
Price: FREE (Contains ads)
Available For: Only Android

Real Life Situation

Have you ever been in a situation that reminds you if you could have saved some data when you had access to it and could have used it right now, when you don’t have it? This is exactly what DataBack does, in one sentence. I have recently tried this app on being referred from one of my friends and found this useful. The signup process is easy and it does what it says.

The app currently allows you to save data by using three mots data consuming apps that it allows and are available on your phone. For example, it allows me to use WhatsApp, True Caller and Instagram to save data. So, whenever I decide to surf them, I open this app and click on the ‘open app’ button and it starts it instantly and I start saving the data for later use. Please note that you cannot use this app for earning data by watching YouTube videos.

Something Interesting about Databack

Also, the app is NEVER consuming or stealing your data, they just save a selected amount in their base, which we can always use later. This was what I thought when I got to know about this from my friend. Later, after using this app and after going for a research, I found there was nothing like that but they reduce a little bit of data and it could be 2 – 5% of what you use. But it isn’t a bad deal. If you use 100 MB of data and receive 95 MB back when you require the need of it, it proves to be useful.

Other than saving your data for later use, it also provides:

  1. Speed Test

This can be used anytime to test the speed of your internet connection within the app. A test using this app can take up to twenty seconds.

  1. Phone Booster

As of the last update, they also provide a Boost function to improve the phone’s performance. It wasn’t there in the app, just came a few days ago, when the app got its new update.

  1. Live Data Tracker and Data Monitor

After giving required permissions to this app, you can also see where and which apps are using your data and manage the flow on your own. You can always see how much your data has been consumed as per weekly basis. This is one of the extra feature that improves the quality of this application.

Interior Looks of the app. Mudit uses WhatsApp, Truecaller and Insta the most and he can save his data while using any of these three apps right now.


There are various daily contests on this app, in which you can earn even more amount very easily. I know that we all hate to waste our time on this apps that gives just a bit of money and eventually end up saying – “Man! Who cares? Leave it”. I know this because I have been in this type of situations. This app is not one of those where you waste lots of time. You just do what you always do – surf apps on your phone.


To understand its function better, let’s say you surf Facebook for an hour daily and other apps like WhatsApp for 30 minutes. An hour of Facebook uses around 15 – 20 MB of data on an average and using WhatsApp uses around 10 – 12 MB of data.

So, on a calculation done, if you save your data on both apps as a given time, you save 1000 MB of data in just a week! And once you collect the first 150 MB, you can go and recharge on 2g, 3g or 4g connections FOR FREE.

How Else can DataBack help you?

They provide some popular websites like Flipcart and Shopclues to surf and earn some extra data. They also provide refer links and other stuff that makes you earn even more. If anyone signs up from your link, they get 5 MB OF FREE DATA and you get 50 MB of free data. Once you have 150 MB, you can go ahead and recharge.

So, if you decide to give this application a try, (which you should), then download it by using my refer link and get some extra data to have a FREE boost–

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