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I like to code. It is an activity that I feel is more than that of a hobby. I always wanted my own domain and hosting on which I can do whatever I want, whatever I can share with the world. Being on this platform is a pretty good feeling out there! Here in this post I want to share my thoughts on how I feel blogging.

This blog was a dream. We all know that Deams can be completed. But they actually can when we have the power and the ability along with determination with ourselves.

There are hundreds of online resources on the Internet. They already have programming and coding content in thousands of different formats. But what makes blogging and blogs different is, here we type what we want to say.  It is never quite so formal, as what I think and do, but it is really effective for the users in a positive way. It is like attending a lecture, but instead of hearing – you do is what called reading.

You can go for hours of progressive reading whenever you want and can even instantly communicate with the site admin or authors. This is not for just this blog. But surely for a lot other who do the same stuff and lie under the
same niche.

Thus, my feeling about blogging are positive and cheering.

Why Do They Think I do Illegal…

More more thing that I consider telling about in this post is that a lot of times, people, generally friends and even followers ask me, “Are you a hacker? Hack my friend’s computer!”, “Can you hack a Facebook account?”, “Why don’t you tell the methods of hacking in other websites?” and believe me, these comes under irritation for people like me.

People believe that hacking is nothing more than a couple of coding lines and some auto created bot that functions randomly for them and hacks an account. NO! It isn’t like the way it sounds. “Hacking is an art” is what I say and you can’t be so perfect or simply terminate an account using an online service. It needs practice and professionalism in this art.

Security and encryption nowadays proves to be a great utility for all the people to be safe as well as makes hacking a difficult platform, yet innovative.

Nothing gets completed by here and sometimes topics are left away. Hence, expect a new ‘talk’ letter soon.

I hereby, take your leave.

Lomo Coder

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