Thirteen days after Holi

Today is the thirteenth day after the day of Holi. If you don’t know what Holi is, it is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and is also known as the “festival of colors” or the “festival of love”.

In my town, the people don’t celebrate the Festival right on the day of festival, but instead is celebrated after thirteen days and this day is popularly known as Teras.

The streets are filled with colors and joy among people. I can see neighbors and little children celebrating the festival with each other from the window of my room. It is actually quite fun observing how they force each other to play and make others look as dirty as they can.

I’m not quite interested in celebrating holi but I do it exceptionally. I do not like to get wet and it’s just too odd feeling when playing. Because as far as I don’t but others may use the chemically mixed or cheap color particles, and I know they do, while you never find a difference before cleaning up yourself.

So it is better to just play it with Gulal – best to be used while playing and can be easily removed while washing.

What’s more… well today there is also a dinner organised by the community. I’ll go for it around 7 PM today and the food prepared each year is quite okay to eat. I’d look around for my friends to have food together with them.

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