Start of Summer!

I went to my shop today as I can do a good job helping my dad. Also, in case if we wants some break and have his lunch, there must be someone in charge there. Our shop is a Women’s Clothing Store – Suruchi Fashion. When I went out picking up my scooter to drive away, it felt quite hot and the sun has started to rapidly burn.

In the featured image of this article, it is Me: Typing this post on my computer

The temperature here is 39 degree Celsius with 13% humidity. It’s really the start of hot weather season – the Summer. It generally true that after the festival of Holi, the average temperature of many places in India begins to rise up.

Actually, this is not because of the festival. The summer is related with the Equinox of 20th March while is the day when the hours of the day and night, both are equal. Soon after the March equinox, the days start being longer and nights get shorter.

I stayed at shop for two hours and then came back home and now I’,m here writing this article.

I also see a good improvement in Blogger as they are providing new features and designs to the blogs on this network. It is admiring for all of them who publish articles here, me as well.

Today my plan is to study some science and read books while playing some soccer. Decisions are not always perfect for me and most of the time I don’t stick to one but for blogging, yeah! It’s so interesting sometimes that I keep waiting and spreading my thoughts on different places.

This blog is still a new one and I haven’t created a lot of content but I also know that I can do this and I am feeling a sensation of passion within me. Ideas scroll down and I have already created lots of blogs. Still, no one achieved a great milestone yet. However, I’m just willing to do as much and as better as I can.

I need some awesome readers for my blog to read. If you’re awesome and reading this post, just comment – ‘Hey Mudit, I’m awesome!’ in the section below this post so that I can know that there are some cool people around. (I know I’m hardly going to have a hundred visitors, but let’s just try!)

Also, if you guys want to express your thoughts about this, you’re welcome in the comments section below.

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