Manchurian in Dinner

Today, I had an amazing dinner time with my cousins. I was invited for a night stay at their home. My cousin prepared Manchurian for me and other siblings.

She told me if I liked eating Chinese dishes and I replied her that I do. After the dish was ready we set down for eating it. It was delicious and smelled good. Then I managed to take a picture of it so you all can see how it looked like.

I feel glad that she invited me for eating this this dish. I’ve never had this before and it was a fresh foodie experience. The tastiest thing it has was some blackish circular components called ‘balls’ which made this dish tastier. Not just this time, but I’ve been invited a couple of times in the past too and I’d always love to go in the upcoming time.

Later tonight, we will have talked about different stuff, play some video games and also thinking about watched videos.

This was a good day. Later I reached back home and played some minesweeper. My best score for the beginner level is 9 seconds and for the intermediate level is 78 seconds. But yes, there is none for the advanced level till now.

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