Next Stage for Informatics Olympiad

IIO stands for International Informatics Olympiad and is organised by SilverZone.

This is what they say on their website:

“International Informatics Olympiad endeavors to assess the competency and proficiency of the students in the field of Computer Science, at National and International level, every year. Its syllabus comprises of the syllabus of CBSE/ICSE and various State Boards. The iiO examination is purely based on Computer Science, which provides ample opportunity to the students not only to test their skills but also sharpen them accordingly and provide know how about international standard.”

Last year I gave the exam for it in the month of November, and things got really exciting when they marked on their website that results of this exam would be declared in the second week of January. I used to check the website every day as the curiosity rose. I did it on 14th Jan, 15th Jan and even on 16th! Then my FA4 started as I decided not to check it every day as a reason to us computer. Then the day came – 21st of January!

It was the last class in my school on that day and soon my cousin, who is a couple of years older than me, visited outside my classroom to inform me that a teacher told her that I have won the gold medal in the computer Olympiad. I was shocked for a moment and the other but… I then … got into the feeling of achievement! I always wanted to be a winner here on this platform and I even tried it a couple of times in the past years.

I asked her if that was really true and she said it was. She again congratulated me and I told her my thanks for this.


When I reached home and jumped on my bed and turned on my PC, even before washing my hands or making myself comfortable. I even, for a second was thinking about creating a video of this moment, but it isn’t such a really great of inspiring moment. I ranked 162 globally in competition with all the students surviving in the ninth grade. I opened up the results section and they asked me to enter the roll number. I rapidly entered it and this was what I saw:

See the link itself by clicking here.

Now it was confirmed as well! I told my family about it and they were happy with this result too.

I’ll have my second level exam soon in the Second Week of February and I’m going to prepare it really hard! I would make the post about that event too in the coming days. Wish me all the best! 🙂

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