Getting into the session of 10th Grade

Tada 9th! I am now promoted to the 10th grade in my school. Feeling pretty good. Will meet new friends, new people and most importantly, new topic to study!

Me Capturing the Image of my classroom and a friend exclaiming ‘Hi’ to the camera. Pic taken on: 27th August, 2016. You can also see the thought we write on our board on the bottom right corner and the greyish  metal tables.

10th Grade Begins!

Today was the first day of my 10th grade and it was pretty good for me. I also came to know that my classroom is X D, present on the first floor of the main building. My class teacher will be Mrs. Stella, who is going to teach us the subject of science.

Anyway, from the image above you might have a question. “Are cell phones allowed in your school?

Well, the simple answer is NO, no at all. This pic was taken when there was a photography competition in our school and we were allowed to bring cameras and cell phones.

Here is another Pic I took of the school building, the right side of it:

Carmel School Avila Block Picture by Mudit Jhawar
A picture of our school’s main building. The red circle is the classroom where the other picture was captured. The red arrow indicates the way to our new classroom.

“Hope… to have great year!”

What will be different from now

This year it is going to be a lot different than the previous one as seen from an academic session overview. During all the previous years, the students had to follow the CCE pattern, which had the rule to divide the textbook equally in two parts. This proved to have less burden for the students.

Since the change of pattern my cbse took place this year- we will have to study for the full course this time. That means everything out of the textbooks will be asked. When? Direct to the next year!
“If you don’t revise your study material from time to time, your are likely to be lost in just books and pressure during the finals” is what I think. It could also be me, maybe… well.

Views from the CBSE

A CBSE official said,

“Under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme, we had the semester pattern due to which students have to prepare for only 50% of the syllabus.”

Next summer, CBSE 10th grade students will have the 80-20 (board-internal) marks pattern. In the five mandatory subjects (language 1 & 2, science, math and social science), the students will have to score a minimum of 33% in each separately, is also mentioned to be the new rules.

One last thing…

I would like to confess one more thing with you all. From this day I will post on this blog once a week only. Soon I am going to write on Music I like most, perhaps songs and then a review of app will be published.

Update: The Posts have been published.

So please don’t expect more than six posts this month. I’m doing this just to make sure I go a good start at school. Afterwards I will have summer vacation during the month of May. That will be the time to do more on this blog and post here daily or so.

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