Friday The 13th

I was waiting for this day since the past few days. Today we have it! It is FRIDAY THE 13th! For those who don’t know what it is…

Friday the 13th is a virus that activates in every Friday the 13th. It mostly effects .exe files and reduces available memory in your computer. It might seem like a little one, but is a dangerous virus. The good point here it that it damages the computer only on this date. Also, you’re safe if you have a working antivirus software in your device.

I played prank on few of my friends about damaging their devices and generating malware in their computers on this day. By, this I also want to let you know that I do code and program. You can visit that site here by clicking here; I officially post all the coding, programming and other related matter.

The next such date would be in the month of October this year.

An easy way to be aware of this date is to know if the month started from a Sunday. If it did, it would definitely have a Friday the 13th, else none other months won’t.

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