Finals down! Exams are over and I am back to stage

Yes! Fun Days Are On!

Its been a long time I haven’t posted anything. I was having my final exams since the last few weeks. Today was the last – English exam and I already started thinking about the blog and all the things I need to get back onto.

The exams this term were far better than the last ones. I’ll have my result on the coming 6th April. The day which I’ll have my eyes on! I will put the link on that post about this one to make sure the sequence will be okay.

Another Thing

I just remembered that I must had my IIO Results for the second level. I got 120th Olympiad rank and only 1st, 2nd and 3rd place holders are allowed to go for further the next level. But I’m quite happy with this result since I always wanted to reach at least this milestone.

If you don’t know how it began on the Informatics thing you can read:

This blog is going good anyway. Lots of customization have been done and I am trying to minimize the categories on this page. There are a lot of them right now, I know. Since I have created so specific of each post, it’s just like going back in time and fixing everything.

I hope things will get awesome soon!

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