An Animated New Tab Page

I was today searching out for some interesting extensions to be used in my chrome browser. I went a while away from my computer as a reason due to some other work and when I was back I saw a new tab opened – which was the site of bitmotion. My mouse cursor was hovering over the close tab button when I thought to try it out because It was interesting. I sited over to chrome web store from a link on that page and downloaded the extension.

It is actually good. It is also interesting. Might sound as if it causes distraction but it doesn’t do so.

It has a search bar at the center and the bubbles across the screen meet up here and go away after a few seconds:

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignnone” width=”915″][/media-credit]

I also recorded a video and here it is:



This is something new and I prefer it a lot better than the simple Google new tab layout.

How do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments.




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