These Vacations!

Well the summer vacations are here! Two months of full fun time. Relax. Chill. Chillax! 🙂

I was playing Farcry3 a lot and it made me write about it here. I completed the medium difficult game quickly and then started back with HARD mode.

Anyway, I am looking forward to use more professionalism for creating better and straightaway content rather than just posting it. Plus, I found out that one can’t really achieve the GOAL in blogging right on a personal blog like this. I feel that removing the content from LOMO CODER website was a bad idea, but anyway, I think it was still not too bad.

What to blog? I want to blog, I know how to start one perfectly, but what should be IT ABOUT? That – is the big question. This has to be something that will be permanent.

Any suggestions people? 🙂

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