Starting Far Cry 3 – The Adventure Begins

Farcry Series are incredible. I have played Farcry 1, a year or two before and it was also quite interesting. Now I’ve got something further!

So before I begin posting here on this blog, I’d like to tell you people that I have already completed Far Cry 3 once on the medium difficulty level and the feeling was amazing. 

FarCry3 - PART 1

In This blog I will let you know everything that comes across me while playing this game, weather it be tips & tricks, help, review and most importantly, experience.

When we load by this game for the first time, we see the story and it goes something like the player is Jason Broody, who came to Rook Island for holidays or you may say… for enjoyment along with his friends and brothers:

  • Liza

    (Pic of Liza)

  • Daisy
  • Oliver
  • Riley
  • Grant
  • Keith 

The game starts with the man named “VAAS” who holds Jason’s cell phone in his hand and shows a video which was previously recorded by these friends.

We see a person in Orange Shirt, and later come to know he is Jason’s older brother Grant.

When Vaas leaves the prisoners with a pirate guard, Grant helps them both escape.

There the game begins and the controls come in actions!

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