My thoughts on adventure

A Person must always choose between living their life accustomed to settling for less or actually living their lives the way they want to. We suffer from the fear of missing out on life experiences and in the end all we really want is to be happy of the life we chose to live. The willingness to take an adventure can range for example someone quitting their job that they hate and going after for the job they actually want. 

A second type of adventure can be a little bigger than that like actually having the ambition of finishing school and reaching the profession that you aspired to have in your life. 

Lastly an adventure can go as far as moving out of a small town and into the city where no one knows who you are and the adventure of your life can really start then. Not everyone has the willingness to undertake adventure into their lives, but what people have to understand is that sometimes adventure is the true secret and a huge part of a happy existence. 

Everyone has a definition of what an adventure in their life is; it can be something big or something small. The cycle of life for most people and myself consists of living in a Small town, same faces, and nothing new nor fun seems to happen while days pass by. In some ways it feels like every day that passes we’re wasting the time we have to actually do something with our lives. I think In most cases people work in a job that they don’t like so they can make ends meet.

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