What are the features of Neil Bohr’s Module of an atom?

Q. What are the features of Bohr’s Module of an atom?

A. The features of Neil Bohr’s Module of an atom were as follows:

  • There were discrete orbits around the nucleus of the atom where electrons revolve. They don’t lose or radiate energy there.
  • The Shells were names as K, L, M, N and so on.
  • The no. of electrons in a given shell can be found by using the formula 2n2. For example, in M shell, using 2n2 thus we get 2 x 3 x 3. Now Since M is the 3rd shell. So 2 times 9 give us 18, i.e. no. of electrons.
  • In the K shell, two electrons can be accommodated. In L shell, 8 were possible. In M Shell 18 shells and N shell can have 32 electrons.

  • The Outermost shell required to have complete octet to be stable.

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