Computer And Cell Phone Games To Make Study Time Fun

Let us read about some of the games that Make Study Time Fun Time! We students often want to Make Study Time Fun after studying. Seriously, it sounds so crazy and uneven on studying for hours continuously without any breaks or rest.

Here in this article, let me tell you about some cell phone and computer games that gives away the refreshment to make your study time fun along with boosting your interest in learning it.

Here is the list of some of the games:

Age Of Empires

Game play Shot of Age of Empires 3


Age of Empires is a strategy game available for PC and is proven to develop your interest in the subjects of History and Geography. The games comes with a series. I have played age of empires 3. I found it worth trying.

In the game we have to plan a strategy to conquer, colonize and destroy other unions and nations. It goes though various ages and has an ability to sharpen strategic planning. The game comes with two other extensions to make it more fun. So the part three itself has:

  • Age of Empires III
  • The Asian Dynasties
  • The War Chiefs

Visit the website on this game:


This game is available on android, download it from google play store. 
The game has simple rules. You have to place two subsequent atoms of elements next to each other and when prompted, use the + object to combine and make larger elements.
There are other objects like neutrons and protons as well to make the game more interesting.

I find it to increase interest in studying Chemistry. It also
helped me learn the names of elements and also have a passion to know more about them.

Space Agency

Space Agency Game Screen Shot

A very nice and informative game, as the name suggests, about rockets, space, universe and space stations. It is animated but the functions are realistic expect for the other planets in the game, they are virtual.
The game also allows to finish career or you can simply do anything you want in the sandbox mode. You can read more about it here:

There three games are the most recommended by me to play.

However there are some other games too that may boost your interest and make study time fun. I have here the list of the games with the suitable links on play store or their respective websites:

Do you guys know any other such games? Feel free to tell about it in the comments section below.

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