9 Songs I Like Most – Top 9 Amazing Beats!

     9 of the Best Songs I’ve ever heard! Yes this list is now prepared! I love listening  to music and so creating this list took me some time to decide the positions for every song. After having some time arranging the number and getting links to videos, I have this list ready now.

    Let us start from the bottom most to the top towards out no. 1!

   9. Fix You – Coldplay

      Fix you is from the album X&Y. The track is built around an organ accompanied by slow tempo drums and vocals.

8. Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin 


    A song full of emotions and certain feelings that you might have while feeling depressed. The music in this track is rock and the album is Phobia.

   7. In The End – Linkin Park

     I heard this song for the first-time years ago, you can say it was one of the first songs I heard! The album is Hybrid Theory and the song has genre of Rap Rock.

   6. We Are Young – Fun.

     Kind of a slow rock party song with a feeling what will make you keep singing. The song is of the album – Some Nights which was released in 2012. The video goes in slow motion that would make you want to dance too!
    5. Indestructible – Disturbed

    Indestructible is one of the greatest metal songs I’ve ever heard. It is just mind-blowing and…obviously, disturbing! The scenario of the song is like that of a huge war where destruction has just started to begin.

     4. The Game – Motörhead


   This tough song seems to be out of a harsh voice! ‘The Game’ of Album ‘Hammered’ takes the place of fourth in my list as the song is like a recharge. I love to play it if I want to feel more active and calm in a situation.

    3.  Snow – Red Hot Chili Peppers  

Snow is a song of the album – Stadium Arcadium. As far as I’ve heard from people about this song, most of the them loved it. It contains soft music with a nice drum and base tuning.
   2.   Rap God – Eminem

    Being the fastest English rap song, Eminem’s rap god stand out to be on second top in my list. The name of album is also Rap God. There is a part in the song which is also most amusing, where he spoke over 100 words in just fifteen seconds and believe me, that is incredibly fast!
The song does contain offensive words, but sometimes with the music, they’ll go so fast that you won’t even realize!

1. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

The No.1 on this list!


    Kashmir has been a song of deep meanings and phrases of the words in the album of Physical Graffiti. It was one of the longest and most peaceful music I ever heard. The band has completed a long journey in the field of music. The song is mesmerizing and gives you a feeling of paradise. This video is from a live concert they played.

  Tell me about your favorite song or artist in the comments section below this post!


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