15 Things I enjoy when I’m Bored

It is very rare that you enjoy each and every moment of your life. No matter where we are, or whom we are with. At a certain point, you’ll feel bored or uneasy to manage. In that case it is good to know some quick ideas and activities to do when you get bored.

Here are some of the activities which I do:

1. Checking my Social media

It’s worth look out for social media when you are bored and feeling to take a break or coffee. I feel I’m connected with the world and I also do a quick chat with few friends. I use Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and sometimes twitter too and so there is something, some news and events on at least one of my network. So, it is worthwhile going social and getting some free time/break between work.

2.  Going Outdoors

The real life starts out of the house! Yes, being outdoor is do appreciated by me. I go for playing soccer or badminton, meeting some friends or just to look around the neighborhood. During evening time, right after the sunset, I often go out for sky watching.
There is always something new to explore in the sky and I can’t stop myself from recalling the names of stars. You can also learn a lot of things from the outer world, especially the art of street smartness, which is required in the life of everyone.

3.  Reading Books

I prefer to read books when I feel bored and wish not waste my time too. I read either some of the novels or pick up one of the quiz or puzzle book. It helps learning new things and phrases. Book are also a great source for information and search and it is one of the reasons that inspires me to blog more. You can read some of the book reviews I have published on this blog.

4. Video Games

A screen clip of the games I have right now installed on my PC

I’ve always been fascinated by video games and sometimes I cover them over my schedule too. I play games in on personal computer but sometimes on the android cell phone too. Currently I play the games:

  •  Borderlands,
  • Half-life 2
  • Bully Scholarship Edition
  • Bio Shock 2. 

Also, I’ve completed the following games:

  • The GTA Series:
    • Vice City,
    • Liberty City
    • San Andreas
  • Need for Speed – Most Wanted
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare,
  • Max Pane 2
  • Portal 1 & 2
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Resident Evil and many other games.

Haha! That’s a damn list.

Whenever you feel funny, dizzy or even sad, playing video games is a good option. As Per a study, there are various advantages of playing video games too such as playing video games makes you happy in older life and improves your thinking skills.

5. Listining to Music

Music can always help one to recover from any sort of depression or simply feel good. Mostly I like to listen to Rap, Rock and metal songs.

My Itunes library consists of around 50 artists and music of almost all genres. I also listen to Spanish music; however, I’ve just started listing to them. No matter how you are feeling or what you are thinking, there is always some music to make you satisfy the most.

6. Blogging – Never be bored

When it again comes to internet, I prefer blogging it one of the things I can be passionate about. As you might have noticed that I only use blogger to do it. While using it, I create posts, sometimes I publish them instantly and other times I save them as a draft. If you are a good writer, having popularity on social networks or a manager of website, blogging is proved to help increase your audience.

7. Watching Youtube Videos

Often, I just switch to YouTube and watch videos while being order. I always find some good stuff there that feels to be useful or entertaining for me.
I do sometimes download the videos I enjoy a lot or simply the ones, watching a lot and transfer them to a pen drive. Then I plug in the pen drive to my television and watch them on the larger screen with a customized experience.
There can be two types of content from youtube:

A. Fun Content – Best Dose for Boredom

 The prank videos and funny videos inculde in the section. Great to quicky great afreshed but non productive and is a time killer on the other side.

B. Skillful Productive Content – Might be Boring

Well it simply might be but you cannot avoid it. I’m sure you know that: YouTube today is full of videos from funny pranks to highly in depth tutorials; from short movies to a live concert, you can find the video of your choice just by searching for a few words. 
On the other hand, if mobile addiction is a cause, why not use it to fight boredom. There is a popular phrase in hindi:
Ek teer – Do Nishane
It means that you do a single activity or task but end up completing multiple – often used with positive annotation.

8. Using Stellarium

Stellarium is a free application for watching the night sky live in the computer. You can view the current sky or go in past or future and see the sky at that time. You can see the location of Milky way galaxy or the moons of Neptune. You can see the sky just as you see with your naked eyes or get a view as from a telescope.

The possibilities are endless!

If you like the sky watching too, you can go to my downloads page and download this application on your computer.

9. Practice MathematicsPi, Board, School, District, Diameter

Mathematics is subject that requires practice and daily practice to excel in it. Therefore, I once decided to do math regularly in my daily schedule, I guess around a couple of years ago. The topics I like most are geometry and mensuration.

The more you solve problems, the better you understand in remember, this is what math challenges.

If you think maths is boring, remember:

Boredom beats bored person.

10. Exploring the world – MapsSocial Media, Internet, Security, Global

As an interesting in maps, I often use my atlas book and go through different countries and continents. Sometimes I use google maps for the same purpose too. You can go find your home on map, find your favorite restaurant or plan for visiting a foreign nation.

As an interesting in maps, I often use my atlas book and go through different countries and continents. Sometimes I use google maps for the same purpose too. I can simply go find my home on map, find my favorite restaurant or plan for visiting a destination from my wishlist.

11. Reading News

In this large world with such an enormous population, we never quite know all the things going around the world, but we can know the main and important events – through news. For reading the news I mostly prefer Google News  which comes with a function that redirects to the actual website the has the news with it.

The newspaper delivered at my home also comes to be handy.

12. Trying New Apps – Discover New

When I am bored or feel like getting more productivity with my cell phone or to just see what I need in the upcoming days, I make my way to the Play Store market and download an application from the top lists or the one from my wish list.

There is always something new and innovative on the app store and trying them feels to be learning something new.

Here are some of my app reviews:

13. Writing/Typing Diary

A screenshot of the app while I was using my diary app.

I do write my dairy entries and I’ve never done that on a regular basis. I just make a note and describe an incident or event which would be memorable and inspiring. I do this when I am bored or during leisure time. Also, I don’t write things down, I type diary entries in an app. Damn crazy uh? 😉

While being bored, this is something that also improved my literature and typing.

Make entries there in that app helps me to secure the diary and backup anytime in Google Drive. I do some times, write the things down here on this blog too. Read the review here.

14. Arranging Stuff

My room, especially the bed and drawers gets messy right after few days and I think its quite common with a person like me, when I neatly arrange it. So, I use this time to get the things done right and when the things are on their right place and well arranged, it makes me feel good. While being bored, it is something that beats off the time without wasting it.

Not just in the real world, but I also arrange my files and folders in the computer so that everything gets quick to find and locate.

15. Rest – Power – Workout

Workout represented in the form of pebbles 🙂

This one is quite usual. I take power naps using computer for hours – anyway, I’m trying to use it less often. Many times, I don’t wish or feel to take naps, but I do it whenever eye feels to. During Evening and Early morning is the best time for my workout. Usually it is of 15 minutes and rarely it gets extended to an hour or more. This is a good way to avoid being bored and get energetic as well.

So these were all my choices on what to do when bored. If you guys want to express your thoughts about this or know some other tips or ideas, leave them in the comments section below.


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