Welcome to my website. This Website is an online blog about my own adventures and life. My name is Mudit Jhawar and I’m a boy who likes to write, code, map and play soccer. I also enjoy Music and Puzzles with a lot of interest in Literature and Space.

I’m also into tech stuff on the Techoz blog where I publish my tech content along with other authors. Plus, I am the administrator of that site.

You can contact me at any through email as well as a phone call.

Please note that Mudit Jhawar prefer Emails a lot more than phone calls for unofficial matters.
Email: muditjhawar[at]gmail[dot]com

Mobile No. +91 8871 340 220

Website: www[dot]muditjhawar[dot]ml

This is long but interesting as well.

I, Mudit Jhawar started this blog as being the place where I publish the contents of my life, all by my own. I always had a great desire to be on internet as a self hosted website and I’m glad I have this milestone done.

It been a while since I’ve blogging. At the beginning when I was new to internet, I had very basic questions and used to find answers on several websites. Some of them were like “What to do on internet” “What is the difference between a website or a blog” “How to hack video games”
and a lot more. And I’m sure any kid new to internet would have these question in mind.

Start of the passion – About my start

In 2011 I created my blog on blogger and used to type pretty much anything there! Hehe, visit that link, it actually had a lots of content but now, it just has a notice left. You can still observe the background of universe as what I said I like, and also the reactions I used to ask for at the bottom of every post.

Literally anything. I used to go get some of my school books, especially the General Knowledge subject, and used to type the same thing. After publishing I got myself full of excitement of watching the posts getting visitors overtime.

At that time this was all for fun. Seriously, I didn’t even knew the difference between posts and pages. So you can say that I was doing it for complete fun or not being a bit serious. But It wasn’t long time that I learnt the basics and I moved towards better features and customization.

In 2015 I got to know about wordpress.com and the features it provided, but at time time I didn’t liked it at all. I thought it costs so much to upgrade and get better features. However I created and managed a personal blog there.

In 2016 I got to know about the real wordpress and I thought that it would be great to have my content online. I began reviewing apps and books and published them here. Some of the posts that you might see on the website right now were actually written months ago.

At the end of 2016, I got myself a custom domain and this blog, since then continues.

I’ve always felt along that:

Time flies by! Live the life you want!


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